Arts in Action was launched in 2018 to plant seeds for positive social change by activating intensive arts projects between community partners, students, and faculty. It supports and creates work that builds upon USC’s commitment to addressing society’s most pressing issues.

Projects span a wide range of art forms to address systemic oppression and social issues including homelessness, mass incarceration, sustainability, educational inequity, arts access, healthcare, and multiple forms of violence.

We deliver on our mission by annually funding arts projects that are co-led by community partners and USC personnel, directly producing our own projects in partnership with organizations and activists, and acting as a connecting hub for individuals and organizations within and beyond USC, seeding the ground for future collaborations.

By prioritizing artwork that is the result of collaboration, Arts in Action inspires the formation of new relationships with community partners around a shared desire for social change.  We also provide opportunities for USC students to acquire meaningful experiences and further develop their artistic practice in ways that are difficult to replicate in the classroom.

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